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BLCD Maker, Intercommunications's gone bankrupt.
I don't know why, I don't know how. The website's inaccessible right now, and it's written on the wikipedia page that it went bankrupt... It felt so... Unrealistic. orz I mean, they just released a couple of their CDs a couple of days ago! I just heard their new title "Koi Himeyamo"! (._.`)

What about the planned titles for this month and the next? I was so looking forward to January's "Koyoi, Mister De" featuring Hatano WataruxTachibana Shinnosuke and Kuroda TakayaxNojima Hirofumi! ;-;

In the past there's Cyberphase, and now Intercommunications...
Please, no more. ;-;
Squalo - Panick Mad


I can't believe I found out about this today when I rant about other movies yesterday...
It's planned to run in Japan theatres on Summer 2011.
But what I'm excited about, is the FRIGGIN TITLE. HELL YEAH I UNDERLINED IT.

I'm not gonna give myself false hopes but maybe, JUST MAYBE, if that DARK HERO is who I thought he should be then... No. Nope. I shouldn't get my hopes up like that. I know I'll end up in disappointment BUT, YOU KNOW, MAYBE! IT MIGHT BE HIM. I don't know! THE HINT IS SO STRONG. ESPECIALLY THE WORD "HERO". orz

Those who've cleared the BW game should know who and what I'm talking about. Japanese fans are speculating that he MIGHT appear in this movie as well. They're as excited as I am. FOR HIM. OH PLEASE LET IT BE HIM. I swear his story is definitely worth making into a movie! But if it ended up to be Touya, I guess I'm fine with it...?

I'm gonna pray that it's going to be him anyway. It has got to be him.
Lastly, I apologise for this childish fangirl/ranting post. :3
Keiji - Dots


It's almost a year and where the hell's the DVD/Blu-Ray for Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time!? I've been waiting for it since more than a year ago when it was first announced! orz I've heard that the movie will run in select US theatre next year... WHAT THE EFF. ENVIOUS MUCH. T-T

C'mon Odex! You've brought the Hetalia and Haruhi movie here, is it be too much to ask for a YGO one? Maybe I should email them about it... Yeah, I think I should... *desperate*

I'ma gonna go kowtow to Kagami-sama for the wonderful animations! ;-;
Now if you would please kindly release the friggin DVD/Blu-Ray! It's a dream come true to see Yugi, Judai and Yusei altogether on the same screen! orz I'm praying for Kaiba's appearance.

There's one more movie that I wanna rant about other than YGO...

I seriously can't stop watching the trailer...!! Everything about it just makes my hair stands out of excitement! It's THE BOMB and it's going to run in Japan's theatre on the 23rd of December. Great, so I hafta wait for another year for the DVD/Blu-Ray? ;-; *headdesks until it bleeds and turn all guro*

Oh and I can't believe HiroC's going to be in it! Tatsun as well!! orz
You hear that guy screaming "DEATH SPEAR" or something? Yeah that's HiroC! I can't believe I didn't know it was him until someone mentioned it. I seriously thought it was You-kyan(Nakamura Yuuichi)... orz *fails*
Anyway... I'm done ranting. Let's just hope I'll feel better after the Hetalia movie on thursday...
GxGoku - Sad

Twins and other stuffs

Cried buckets of tears for Thanatos No Futago 1917.
The final track really got me. I cried a lot for Cold Fever, from track to track, but not as much as this one. I think it's the first drama cd that had me crying for minutes, I had tears running down my cheek continuously for about 10 minutes or so... Thankfully though, the freetalks healed my emotional heart. :,3

I wonder if Izumi-sensei will consider writing a sequel to this story. A short one's fine with me, I wanna see them lead their happy life. ;-; Yuri with Viktor and Mihail with Andrei!! orz It'd be great of all 4 of'em were to live together... Yuri and Mihail deserves to be with each other! God I love this twin way too much. ;-; *air hugs them*

I think I've taken a liking to emotional stories. I used to prefer light-hearted comedy ones but hey, people changes. Who cares if it's not R18, as long as the story's good, it's good.

Guess it's time for me to lay my hands on Utsukushii Koto next, the reviews for it's pretty darn good as well. I'm sure it's going to be satisfying since it's written by the author who wrote the Cold Series.
Shuukan Soine CD Vol.2, I swear Angen's trying to kill me with his sexy voice. Deep voices from left to right, kisses from left to right... My ears are completely raped. orz Dummy-head microphones are such sins! They should record BLCDs with those mics, I swear it'll be 100x more erotic.
Ghost Adventures for this week's wonderful!

That figure caught by the thermal camera seriously gave me the chills! And the door to room... I think it was 9, can't remember. orz The door's friggin LOCKED from the INSIDE, how the hell was it UNLOCKED after awhile? It just makes no sense at all... The EVPs are freaky as usual.
I can't believe that season 4's ending in 2 more episodes time... *HOPES FOR A 5TH SEASON*
ElShaddai - EnochxLucifer

Drama CDs & Shaddai

Why is it sendspace.
I was glad someone uploaded "Thanatos No Futago 1917" but... Of all host links why sendspace? orz Oh well, I've waited 2 months for this, a few more days doesn't make a difference. I should be thankful for the one who uploaded it. :3

I'll bear with "Hana Ga Futtekuru" for tonight. Kon-chan uke ftw!♥
More CDs should be coming out soon! Can't wait!♥
El Shaddai fangirling time.

The official site updated with 2 new characters! Nephilim's adorable as usual but sorry, Sariel caught my attention more. XD I was saying how addicted I got with yandere characters in my post yesterday and bam, a yandere-like character appeared in El Shaddai! Read his introduction and I am so positive that he's a yandere.♥

Somehow I can already picture Luci and him fighting for Enoch's attention. XD
C'mon Pixiv! I know you guys are creative! Sariel needs fanarts!!♥

And I can't stop listening to El Shaddai's mad videos... They've all brainwashed my mind. orz
I've already got like, 13 of those playing in my winamp player non-stop for weeks... Months I think.

The latest one that I'm addicted to.
I can't get enough of ElShaloid, Kamine Luci and his finger snappin!
Keiji - Dots

Black Ops - Seiyuu Galore!?

Info taken from fukikae_seiyuu
US Forces:
Horiuchi Kenyuu (堀内賢雄) as Alex Mason (Sam Worthington) *playable character
Inoue Kazuhiko (井上和彦) as Jason Hudson (Ed Harris) *playable character
Koyama Rikiya (小山力也) as Frank Woods (James C. Burns)
Namikawa Daisuke (浪川大輔) as Joseph Bowman (Ice Cube)
Yasumoto Hiroki (安元洋貴) as Grigori Weaver (Gene Farber)

Soviet Forces:
Ootsuka Houchuu (大塚芳忠) as Viktor Reznov (Gary Oldman)
Wakamoto Norio (若本規夫) as Nikita Dragovich
Kusunoki Taiten (楠大典) as Lev Kravchenko
Touchi Hiroki (東地宏樹) as Dimitri Petrenko

This cast list is definitely tempting me to get the japanese dubbed version of COD: Black Ops...
I mean, there's no one that I'm not familiar with in the above list!

I wanted to get the US ver, but I guess I've gotta think through it again...
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New loots!


I'm back with new loots!
Also went hunting for my transparent umbrella but I guess my luck went somewhere else for today.
I wanted to get the Pokemon BW official guide book as well but...
Like I said, my luck went somewhere else. (swt)

But I'm happy with the stuffs above. :3
It's too bad that the novel I ordered, Nijuu Rasen 5, was not here. I was kinda looking forward to that one. I don't usually read novels but after the first 4 drama cds, I can't wait for the sequel no more.

I've also placed an order on another novel, "Ano Hi, Kousha No Kaidan De".
I was looking through review sites for yandere seme/uke books and the review for this one's pretty good. It features a really freaky yandere seme, and that caught my attention. My love for yanderes are on the rise, be it seme or uke, I'm craving for them. ♥ Besides, the illustration for this book's by Mitsuaki-sensei.♥♥

No more books for next week though, unless I've got extra money.
It's time to save up for Tales Of Graces F!
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More mangas

I guess I'll be heading down to Kinokuniya tomorrow once again. Somehow it has become a habit of mine to visit Kino once a week or once every 2 weeks. Just to check on my books really. Each time I go there, I show up with a whole new list of books to order. It's like an addiction. (swt)

Can't really help it since I figured they could help me get BL mangas.
These are my loots for last week. I was really satisfied.
Especially with the book "Tear Drop" by Mitsuaki Asou-sensei, it's the book on the 2nd row, 2nd from the right. I am officially a huge fan of hers. Beautiful artworks and wonderful stories. There's one more of her work before this one, I plan on getting that as well. Any more new works from her from now on, I'll be getting it nuff said. :3

Alright now, I've gotta prepare a whole new list again.
Let's hope I'm lucky enough to get most of the books that I've previously ordered tomorrow. :D

Paint it white!

Will be catching Hetalia's movie, Paint It White next thursday in the theatre with raggie92. :D I was worried that the tickets will be selling fast, but to my surprise, it's not. Can't wait to see Doitsu and co. on the big screen!♥

I can already see myself spazzing at Angen's voice in surround sound.
I still wonder if Denmark and co. will make an appearance though...
I wanna see Anko badly. (._.`)
Anyone knows where can I get a transparent umbrella? I've been looking for it for ages. ;v;
No it's not the fold-able kind, something like this→

Lucifer... (._.`)